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About Andrew

Founder of Focus Media, Andrew has been creating digital marketing experiences since 2010 and is committed to seeing the companies he works with grow through the strategies developed. He is personable and dedicated to building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. His strong passion for community and helping others succeed shines through in all the work he undertakes.

Andrew lives with Type 1 Diabetes and is an inspiration to youth and their families who also live with the condition. He is the Chairperson for Diabetes Youth Auckland, National Youth Representative on the Diabetes New Zealand Advisory Council and a Founding Member of Nightscout NZ. He has played a key part in the diabetes youth community for several years and has been recognised for his efforts with an ASB Good as Gold award in 2019.

He is an advocate for living a full life in light of a condition that requires daily adjustments and complex management.

Andrew resides in Orewa with his wife, Hayley, and daughter, Georgia. As a family, they enjoy travelling, keeping active and exploring the outdoors.

I Said No

Type 1 Diabetes is a life-long tether with many factors which could tip the balance. Insulin, food, exercise, mood, hormones, stress & adrenaline are just a few. And what works today is not guaranteed to work tomorrow, the goal-posts are forever changing.

I have been inspired to share a brief snippet with the world in I Said No based around my goals and dreams to push my body both physically and mentally to achieve what many don’t even think of trying.

T1D often appears invisible and misunderstood but Everybody has something, whatever your ‘something’ is, it’s the choices you make that define what you are capable of achieving.

When your “Something” is seen or perceived as being prohibitive the reality lies within your own expectations. Choose to tackle the obstacle, create an ally and strive for success.

My chapter, “Redefining Boundaries”, is a peek into what it took to accomplish an Ironman 70.3 event (2km swim, 90km ride, 21km run) with the added complexity of managing T1D.

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